Georgia Mountain Community Wind Hosts Memorial for Renewable Energy Pioneer Tom Gray

T Gray Memorial

At a memorial service held at the Georgia Mountain Community Wind site, Linda Gray delivers the ashes of her late husband Tom Gray to the warm winds in a late October Sunday. Tom was a prominent leader and pioneer in the formative days of the wind power industry in this country resided in Norwich, Vermont since the 1980s.

Tom Gray was a champion ahead of his time and beloved renewable energy pioneer. The Vermonter started what is now the American Wind Energy Association. Under Tom’s direction, AWEA supported the efforts of communities, entrepreneurs, and states to pursue clean, renewable wind energy.  Tom was deeply passionate about global warming and renewable energy as an economic and climate solution and also active in his community, serving on the local planning commission and various political committees. Tom passed away last month after sustaining a head injury in a fall.

“Tom’s work isn’t done, so that means it is left to us,” Linda Gray said, after receiving the Renewable Energy Champion Award given to Tom posthumously. The award recognizes an individual, typically in the renewable trades, who represents and tirelessly champions, the benefits of developing, creating, informing, and striving to improve our state with the deployment of renewable energy generation. “Please keep working, please keep planning, please keep advocating for clean energy and climate action,” she said in an emotional close to the morning’s award ceremony.

On October 22, 2017, a memorial service to celebrate Tom’s life and spread his ashes was held at Georgia Mountain Community Wind, in accordance with his final wishes.

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